Calculus Placement

The initial math course for engineering students is MATH 021 - Calculus I (4 credits). If you have AP credit or transfer credit for MATH 021, you can register for MATH 022 - Calculus II (4 credits). DO NOT register for MATH 051, 052 or MATH 081, 081 as these courses do not provide credit for engineers nor allow students to later take MATH 022.

The Mathematics Department uses a Calculus placement tool, ALEKS, from McGraw-Hill. Every student who intends to take a Calculus class at Lehigh in the fall MUST use the ALEKS assessment for placement unless you expect AP or transfer credit for Calculus I-Math 021. If you expect AP or transfer credit for Calculus I, you can still use the ALEKS assessment tool for practicing skills.

ALEKS is an evaluation that provides a recommendation for your Calculus course based on your results. ALEKS does not give credit like an AP exam. Instead, its purpose is to make sure students are ready for college-level calculus. It will also indicate the topics and areas in which you can improve and provide modules to work through to practice these concepts. After completing the suggested modules, you have the opportunity to test again and improve your placement recommendation. More details about ALEKS will come in time for registration.

Based on the ALEKS score, some students may be instructed to register for MATH 000 - Preparation for Calculus (2 credits) or MATH 075 - Calculus I, Part A (2 credits). You will receive instructions regarding which Math course to register for in early July prior to registration; please follow this advice.  

If you are recommended for MATH 000 or MATH 075, you may work through the practice modules and test again to try for a higher placement, as mentioned above.  You may take the assessment up to five (5) times in total.

Note: The recommended math course from ALEKS does not take AP scores into account.  For example, you may receive a placement in MATH 021 even if you have received credit for it. In that case, you are free to register for a follow-on math course.