Welcome to the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering Class of 2024!

The first year advisor for the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science is Jennifer Helmuth. She is located in Packard Laboratory, Room 304, The Undergraduate Learning Office. Her phone number is 610-758-4460. Advising emails should be sent to the undergraduate email account unengr@lehigh.edu.

Please see the First Year Student Welcome Packet for summer timeline and checklist.  It can also be accessed through the First Year Student Portal.

Reasonable expectations of advisors

Your academic advisor is an important part of your transition to university life. Advising at a university like Lehigh is probably different than what you have experienced in high school. Listed below are some reasonable expectations followed by some expectations that are not so reasonable.

Remember that these comments pertain to your academic advisors. There are many other advisors at Lehigh willing to assist you with many issues; these other advisors include Rossin Junior Fellow peer mentors, staff in the Dean of Students Office, the Counseling Center, Gryphons, Career Services, Study Abroad, and RAS (Registration and Academic Services).

You can expect your academic advisor to:

  • Be available during business hours
  • Help you think about issues, but final academic decisions are yours
  • Provide factual information on rules and procedures
  • Refer you to other offices for specialized concerns

You cannot expect your advisor to:

  • Help you with your homework
  • Help you find employment
  • Help with social or residential problems (except to be referred to the appropriate office)
  • Provide day-to-day or week-to-week monitoring of your academic progress

Notes: Schedules, Sessions, Exams, Drop/Add

Examine your schedule, make sure you understand it, and make sure it is correct!

  • Most of you should have English, Math, Science, Engr. 95 and some will have Engr. 10

  • Add up your credits; most students should have 14 to 15 credits

  • May also have 1 credit course(s) (Physics 12 lab, free electives, etc):

NOTE: The Rossin College is looking at alternatives that may be implemented for ENGR 95 due to the Covid-19 evolving situation. This course could be taught in a different format and with different numbering that would allow it to be spread over the entire year. More details will be posted if the decision is made to change the format for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Calculus Advising Session - Date, Time & Location TBA

Anticipatory Exams – see schedule in your New Student Program

See an advisor after convocation if you need to Drop/Add courses

  • Must get your Alternate Pin for Fall to change classes (not your login pin or LIN)

  • Take care of Drop/Add on Friday if possible

  • Academic offices will not be open this weekend

First Year Orientation Activities & Competencies

More information to come.

Tips for Success

Time management: it’s important!

Study Skills: How to study? In a group or alone? Study smart, improve test taking skills

Physical well being: Sleep, health, fitness and exercise - activities outside the classroom!

Experiential Learning can be a key to engagement