2020-2021 ISE Advisory Council Members
Karyn Librader
1991, 1995 G
Advisory Council Chair
Director of Operations – Product & Platform Engineering Services, Accenture
Immediate Past Advisory Council Chair
Facilities Manager, Business Systems at NY Presbyterian Hospital
Richard Wasch
1971, 1973 G
Past Advisory Council Chair
Kevin Dehoff
President, Honeywell Productivity 
2005 G, 2011 Ph.D.
Vice President at Hospital for Special Surgery
Retired, IBM
Ira Feinberg
Lead Consulting Partner – Insurance,
Tata Consultancy Services
Jack Kloeber
1977, 1988 G
Principal, KROMITE LLC
Geoffrey O'Connell
Group Vice President, Oracle Cloud
Consulting (Past: Accenture Managing Director)
Chris Riemann
Managing Director of Retail & Consumer Products, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Daniel Scansaroli
2005, 2006 G, 2009 G, 2012 Ph.D.
Managing Funds Portfolio Strategist, BlueMountain