The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers a host of degrees at Lehigh. We provide robust undergraduate and graduate programs for students looking to expand their knowledge, perform cutting-edge research, and learn the skills needed to work in industry or academia.

Educational Objectives

Industrial and Systems Engineering graduates will:

  • Have a broad knowledge of mathematics, science, and general engineering. Furthermore, this knowledge can be applied to Industrial Engineering-related problems.
  • Have a fundamental grounding in the fields of statistics, manufacturing, operations research, information technology, production analysis and control, and operations management that reflect current needs and trends.
  • Have the detailed and relevant knowledge and ability to perform design and solve problems related to integrated systems that include people, materials, information, equipment, and energy.
  • Have the ability to design, conduct, and analyze experiments in laboratories, companies, and on systems models.
  • Have the ability to form, lead, and participate in multi-disciplinary teams that solve problems in engineering and business.
  • Have an awareness of global, societal, and discipline-specific issues necessary to identify, formulate, and solve problems.
  • Be aware of the NSPE professional code of ethics and have an appreciation of social and legal concerns.
  • Have the ability to seek out, understand, and apply new information and procedures to their professional development, thus giving them an appreciation for life-long learning.
  • Communicate effectively through oral and written presentations using appropriate technologies.



Students in the ISE department across all programs will have an opportunity to engage with industry professionals, participate in research projects and develop skills to advance the understanding and visibility of our profession and make an impact on society. Learn more about outreach opportunities here.