Michael O'Neill 

Michael O'Neill will join the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Lehigh University as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in September 2020. He is currently working with Frank E. Curtis and Daniel Robinson. O'Neill received his Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2020 where he was advised by Stephen J. Wright. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2014 and his M.S. in Computer Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016. He has received the CI Fellows 2020 postdoctoral research fellowship. O'Neill's research focuses on the design and analysis of nonconvex optimization algorithms, with a particular interest in optimization algorithms for large-scale machine learning problems.



Ph.D. Students

Brandon Augustino
NameBrandon Augustino 
Advisor: Luis Zuluaga
Lehigh ID: bra216
Suresh Bolusani
Advisor: Ted Ralphs
Lehigh ID: sub214
Liyuan Cao
NameLiyuan Cao
Advisor: Katya Scheinberg
Lehigh ID: lic314
Yutong Dai
Advisor: Daniel Robinson
Lehigh ID: yud319
Ramin Fakhimi
Advisor: Tamas Terlaky
Lehigh ID: raf318
Samira Fallah
Advisor: Larry Snyder
Lehigh ID: saf418
Majid Jahani
Advisor: Martin Takac
Lehigh ID: maj316
Sean Kelly
NameSean Kelly
Advisor: Frank E. Curtis
Lehigh ID: sek519
Kursat Kemikli
Name: Kursat Kemikli
Advisor: Boris Defourny
Lehigh ID: kuk315
Didem Kochan
NameDidem Kochan
Advisor: Boris Defourny
Lehigh ID: dik318
Bian Li
NameBian Li
Advisor: Boris Defourny
Lehigh ID: bil215
Kangye Li
NameKangye Li
Advisor: Larry Snyder
Lehigh ID: kal318
Minhan Li
NameMinhan Li
Advisor: Frank E. Curtis
Lehigh ID: mil417
Tao Li
Name: Tao Li
Advisor: Lawrence Snyder & Martin Takac
Lehigh ID: tal214
Suyun Liu
NameSuyun Liu
Advisor: Luis Nunes Vicente
Lehigh ID: sul217
Yinan Liu
NameYinan Liu
Advisor: Larry Snyder
Lehigh ID: yil715
Mohammadhossein  Mohammadisiahroudi
Advisor: Tamas Terlaky
Lehigh ID: mom219
Rodolfo Alexander Quintero Ospina
Name: Rodolfo Alexander Quintero Ospina
Advisor: Luis Zuluaga
Lehigh ID: roq219
Mohammad Pirhooshyaran
NameMohammad Pirhooshyaran
Advisor: Larry Snyder
Lehigh ID: mop216
Sergey Rusakov
NameSergey Rusakov
Advisor: Martin Takac
Lehigh ID: ser318
Mohammad Hesam Shaelaie
NameMohammad Hesam Shaelaie
Advisor: Larry Snyder and Ted Ralphs
Lehigh ID: mos519
Xin Shi
NameXin Shi
Advisor: Luis Zuluaga
Lehigh ID: xis316
Zheng Shi
NameZheng Shi
Advisor: Martin Takac
Lehigh ID: zhs310
Oumaima Sohab
Name: Oumaima Sohab
Advisor: Luis Nunes Vicente
Lehigh ID: ous219
Secil Sozuer
Advisor: Robert Storer
Lehigh ID: ses515
Man Yiu Tsang
Name: Man Yiu Tsang
Advisor: Frank E. Curtis
Lehigh ID: mat420
Qi Wang
Name: Qi Wang
Advisor: Frank E. Curtis
Lehigh ID: qiw420
Zeguan Wu
Name: Zeguan Wu
Advisor: Frank E. Curtis 
Lehigh ID: zew220
Yu Xie
NameYu Xie
Advisor: Ted Ralphs
Lehigh ID: yux616
Mertcan Yetkin
Name: Mertcan Yetkin
Advisor: Frank E. Curtis & Larry Snyder
Lehigh ID: mey316
Muqing Zheng
Advisor: Xiu Yang
Lehigh ID: muz219
Baoyu Zhou
NameBaoyu Zhou
Advisor: Frank E. Curtis
Lehigh ID: baz216
Yihe Zhuo
Name: Yihe Zhuo
Advisor: Larry Snyder
Lehigh ID: yiz916