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Welcome to the Department of Industrial and Systems Enginering (ISE) at Lehigh University!
Industrial and systems engineering is an exciting branch of engineering that focuses upon the optimization of complex processes, systems, networks, investments or organizations. In a world where resources are scarce, competition is ubiquitous, and risk is a permanent concern, industrial and systems engineers are poised to excel.
We are the engineers' engineers; we develop, improve, and implement integrated systems that improve lives and outcomes in a nearly limitless number of contexts. Our objective may be to improve cost or profit levels, material or energy usage rates, human, machine, or system productivity, or other key resources.
Lehigh’s ISE Department enjoys a long tradition in its field, and holds a reputation for innovation and excellence that reaches around the world. Since the very earliest days of our discipline, our department has been at the forefront of pushing the field forward, finding new ways to create efficiency and productivity from the earliest days of time-and-motion studies to the emergence of the data and computational revolution that is currently upon us.
Ours is a department with a small student-to-faculty ratio that provides an inspiring environment to study and discover. Our BS and MS programs are among the very best in the world. Here, we produce problem solvers and critical thinkers—professionals with a solid knowledge who are stepped in the needs of the industries they serve. A great number of our alumni have become leaders in their fields of operation.
The ISE field is naturally multidisciplinary, and thus we master and apply the fundamental principles of various disciplines such as modern manufacturing and automation, computing and information systems, algorithms and simulation, data science, decision and game theories, statistics and queuing theory, mathematical optimization, and operations research and management sciences. These endeavors have impact in diverse areas such as supply chain management, facility layout, transportation, health care, and finance. 
Our world-renownked faculty work with teams of students and global collaborators to conduct cutting-edge research in areas such as mathematical optimization, data science and machine learning, energy and service systems, and high performance computing. Our PhD program is vibrant and highly selective, yet also very supportive to incoming students and our doctoral candidates seeking futures in academia or industry.
To learn more about our degrees, our faculty, and our dedicated programs and centers, computing resources, and laboratories, I invite you to browse the site or visit us in Mohler Lab on Lehigh's beautiful Asa Packer Campus.
Thank you for your interest in, and supportof, Lehigh's Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.
Luis Nunes Vicente
Timothy J. Wilmott Endowed Chair Professor and Department Chair
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Luis Nunes Vicente 
Timothy J. Wilmott Endowed Professor and Chair
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering