M.S./M.Eng. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Master’s Program prepares professionals for applying and developing ISE in all industry sectors. It offers an exciting set of courses about the operations of energy, finance, healthcare, mobility & transportation, and supply chain management. Mid-career professionals and recent graduates with a background in engineering, business, mathematics, or applied sciences who intend to seek ISE positions are appropriate candidates.

The ISE Master’s Program is global in scope, and it welcomes students interested in enhancing their careers with the quantitative skills acquired in these programs, as well as those interested in pursuing research at the cutting edge of the discipline.

In addition, the ISE Master’s Program offers a strong training component in data analytics and machine learning, providing students the necessary knowledge base and skills about data related processes and algorithms needed for industry or research positions. Students can choose a variety of courses in descriptive and predictive analytics, such as

ISE 465 Data Mining
ISE 467 Mining Large Data Sets
ISE 364 Machine Learning
ISE 410 Design of Experiments
ISE 409 Time Series Analysis
as well as courses in prescriptive analytics, such as

ISE 426  Optimization Models and Applications
ISE 455  Optimization Algorithms and Software
ISE 416  Dynamic Programming

To be admitted to the ISE Master’s Program, a candidate must demonstrate basic competence in basic mathematics (calculus, statistics, and linear algebra) and computer programming. A candidate lacking a certain background may be required to take background courses. The minimum program consists of 30 credit hours, of which at least 18 credit hours must be in the 400-level. The ISE Master’s Program Director must approve all course work.

The program is delivered both in-person and remote/online. The duration is also flexible. It can be completed in 12 months (Summer-Fall-Spring), or in 18 months (Fall-Spring-Fall) to allow for a Summer internship.


Master of Engineering
This program of study is for those students whose interests are geared towards a career in the industry. The minimum program for the Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree in ISE consists of 27 credit hours of approved courses and completion of a satisfactory 3 credit project or, optionally, 30 credits of approved courses. Courses from outside the ISE department may include other engineering disciplines, computer science, and business.

Master of Science
This program of study can help prepare students applying for doctoral studies. The minimum program for the Master of Science (M.S.) degree in ISE consists of 24 credit hours of approved courses and completion of a satisfactory 6 credit thesis. Courses from outside the ISE department usually include mathematics, computer science, and economics.

Click here for the Core Requirements for the ISE Master's Program.


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