P.C. Rossin College of
Engineering and Applied Science
M.S./M.Eng. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) graduate program is global in scope for students interested in pursuing research at the cutting edge of the discipline.

ISE research areas include operations research and logistics, information systems and technologies, and manufacturing systems and processes. Active research projects investigate supply chain logistics, electronic market intermediaries, discrete and combinatorial optimization, replacement analysis, transportation logistics, and parallel algorithms.

Admission to the Master of Engineering program instead of directly to the Master of Science:
  • A student desiring to pursue the MS degree usually completes one semester of course work (which is the same for M.Eng. and MS). 

  • During that time, the student will get to know the current ISE faculty members and learn more about their research. He or she is then able to introduce themselves to a faculty member and ask him or her if they would be willing to serve as their thesis advisor. 

  • Once that is agreed upon, the student completes a graduate petition form requesting to switch from the M.Eng. to the MS program. The process is very simple and within a week or so an official decision is made to change the records to the new program (MS). 

How long will it take to complete a Master of Science degree in the ISE Department?
  • Master’s level programs require 30 credits of graduate course work. Full time students take 9 credits per semester (fall and spring).

  • The usual length of time is about two years. 

  • Some students are able to complete a degree in less time.

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Sponsors of Research Projects:

Research in the ISE department is sponsored by NSF, Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Labor, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, PITA, IBM, Agere Systems, SAS, Lucent Technolo-gies, and more.

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