High-Performance Computing 

The face of contemporary computing has changed dramatically in recent years, mainly due to advances in parallel computers. Powerful computing devices are now widely available in many shapes and sizes from multi-core/multi-processor machines to clusters, grids, and clouds. Research in High-Performance Computing (HPC) is focused on how to effectively harness the power of these parallel computers to solve challenging and complex computational problems more quickly. The central challenge is the development of methods to efficiently break a large computation into pieces and distribute the resulting tasks and data across the resources available on the platform, which may consist of dozens or even hundreds of CPUs/GPUs.

HPC is an instrumental tool in the work of many of the practitioners and  researchers in Industrial and Systems Engineering, especially in dealing with the challenge of processing Big Data. Vast amounts of information (web traffic, transactional data, data on physical experiments, data from sensors) are being routinely generated and collected. Traditional serial processing is not powerful enough, especially when the speed at which data arrives would simply overwhelm a single computing device. The systems that industrial engineers simulate and optimize are also becoming increasingly complex, necessitating the use of parallelization as a core component in computational approaches. Overall, there is an urgent need to address the many significant challenges inherent in solving difficult optimization problems, making important predictions, and powering artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms by exploiting the capacity of these complex, modern architectures.

At Lehigh ISE, our faculty are world class in developing state-of-the-art  algorithms which can be run efficiently on massive clusters of computers, locally or in the cloud. Our faculty develop the mathematical theory, the algorithmic methodology, and the software implementations that advance our ability to solve the problems that power our world.

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