Computer science and engineering alum Cody Eddings ’15 discusses his career path—from Rossin College graduate to CEO/co-founder of a start-up and Android engineer at a large ecommerce company—in a “How I Got Here” feature by 

Eddings credits his major program at Lehigh with giving him the opportunity to learn how to code, as well as teaching aspects of computer science and hardware and serving as a good introduction to the basics of software. 

Today, Eddings is lead Android engineer at URBN, parent company of fashion and lifestyle brands Anthropologie & Co. and Urban Outfitters, among others. He works on app development for the company’s subscription clothing rental service, Nuuly.

Entrepreneurship has also been a part of his career journey: Eddings is one of four co-founders of SnapReunds, an ecommerce customer service platform. 

“I’ve always been someone who’s wanted to be an entrepreneur and provide something of value,” he says in the story.. “I enjoyed having a grind. It requires insane amounts of work ethic. Your goal is that one day you can focus on one thing you want to do. It’s a fun challenge to see how each can help the other.”

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