Lehigh University’s Graduate Student Senate held its inaugural mentor appreciation event at the Zoellner Arts Center on November 3, 2017. Among the 44 members recognized, 12 were from Rossin College.

Keith W. Moored, assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, received multiple nominations. “I find the process of the mentoring students to be very rewarding,” said Moored. “It is exciting to look back at the end of each year to see the growth and progress that they have made. It is fascinating to see them take on a part of my academic legacy and make it their own. I have been very proud of each of my students’ growth over the past four years. I can't wait to see what will happen in four, or ten, or twenty more years.”

Rossin College offers a full range of multidisciplinary graduate programs in engineering as well as a vibrant community of labs, centers, and institutes for collaborative study. Both research-based graduate studies as well as professional master’s studies are available.

The following engineering faculty members were nominated by graduate students for their outstanding mentorship:

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