Enhancing Communications to Facilitate Industrial Collaboration

The Lehigh ISE Industrial Liaison Program (ISEi Program for short) aims at enhancing communications to facilitate industrial collaboration and cooperation. Our relationships with industry and surrounding communities provide fresh perspectives and problem-solving applications from our best engineering minds, exposing our students to real-world problems and practical experience.  Through collaboration with industry, we understand better the challenges of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Lehigh ISE has a long tradition of industrial collaboration. Three on-going initiatives are highlighted:


  1. ISE Client-Driven Student Student Projects. The ISE undergraduate senior capstone project has been directed by our companion Enterprise Systems Center (ESC), where our Leadership courses are also managed. ESC provides a professional platform for industrial projects and a vast network of enterprise opportunities. Our capstone project is indeed client driven and increasingly more interdisciplinary. More and more of our master’s students take their project courses at the ESC.


  1. ISE Career Fair. Our career fair has been successfully organized every fall. It has been targeted at senior undergraduate and master’s students. Consulting companies have been participating intensively, in addition to a diverse array of companies interested in our ISE students. Read more about the 2021 Lehigh ISE Career Fair.



  1. Industrial Events. Our flagship conference, Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications (MOPTA), held every August since 2009, has been a great forum to exchange research discoveries and has been instrumental to market Lehigh ISE. A new 1-2 day event, iMOPTA, is held every year, to present and discuss industrial innovation and the research behind it. Major goals include identifying new industry partners and participating in setting new industry standards. The event nurtures more applied research collaboration and exposes our accomplishments and industrial potential to the outside world.

Our Healthcare Systems Engineering Program has been running a very successful series of annual Healthcare Systems Engineering Symposiums since 2014, in collaboration with the Lehigh Valley Business Coalition on Healthcare (LVBCH), on the challenges of healthcare, from delivery systems and cost structure to inequitable access and mental health. These events foster interdisciplinary collaboration by bringing the systems perspective to complex healthcare subjects.


The ISEi Program moves the needle of our collaboration with the industry to position us at the forefront of the greater challenges that spark industrial innovation. We harness our own resources through a more intensive cooperation with inspiring industrial partners. The Lehigh ISE Department is excited to see where the next discoveries will take us!