Industrial engineering alum oversees Capital One's AI-based bot, Eno, and its Amazon Alexa skill

As vice president of messaging, conversational AI & emerging technologies at Capital One, industrial engineering alumna Margaret Mayer '93G '95 PhD drives the technology strategy for the company's banking chatbot, Eno, as well as its enterprise messaging capabilities for email, push, and SMS. Mayer was recently featured on the Voicebot Podcast, during which she talked with host Bret Kinsella about Capital One's decision to support Alexa in 2015, making it the first banking skill on the platform, and how that effort led to the company's in-house development of Eno. Other discussion topics include how customers are using voice assistants in their banking, the future of voice tech and banking, and the organizational model Capital One employed to foster and embrace emerging technologies. 

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More about Margaret Mayer

As a member of Capital One’s Women in Technology working group, Mayer is also an advocate for closing the gap in women in technology. In her 20-year career at Capital One, she's taken on roles of increasing responsibility within Technology and Operations. She holds a BS in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and her MS and PhD from Lehigh University in the same field. Prior to joining Capital One, she spent three years as an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia, in systems engineering. Her research interests have been varied, but always along the common theme of using technology to solve complex business problems. Mayer is a board member of and the Computer Science Industrial Advisory Board at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Margaret Mayer

Margaret Mayer '93G '95 PhD is head of conversational AI Platforms at Capital One.