Free Jan 22 virtual event on admissions, career paths, and life as a MechE graduate student

If you are a science and engineering undergraduate student at Lehigh or elsewhere and considering the pursuit of an advanced degree, register today for this free online conversation!



This Webinar will bring together faculty and students from across the department to share general tips for success in identifying the right program and applying to graduate school. You'll also get the inside scoop on MechE's graduate programs, how the admissions process works, and the benefits of being a member of the department's vibrant intellectual community.

These webinars will help you understand the requirements and responsibilities of MechE grad students and give you a clearer picture of how these advanced degrees can advance your future:

Graduate Programs in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics @LehighU
Lehigh's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics offers innovative graduate degree paths at the master's and doctoral levels. All programs can be undertaken on either a full-time or a part-time basis. The Master of Science Degree has four different tracks, which provide the student with opportunities to focus not only on areas of particular interest in mechanical engineering, but also, if desired, to engage in other disciplines of engineering and science, as well as in non-engineering disciplines in other colleges. Furthermore, these opportunities can be coordinated with a thesis or project or, if more suitable, a program involving only courses. The Doctor of Philosophy Degree involves a plan of courses that ensure depth and breadth, thereby allowing the student, upon graduation, to either specialize in a particular subdiscipline of mechanical engineering or to become more broadly involved in engineering and related areas. The general examination for the Ph.D., in contrast to the traditional form of the exam, focuses on development of the student’s ability to move into a new area of research, identify major unknowns, and formulate a proposal in relation to a major funding agency. See MechE Graduate Admissions for more.