Christopher J. Kiely

Christopher J. Kiely Elected to Academia Europaea

One of the world’s premier scientific organizations, Academia Europaea is an association of approximately 4,200 scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning, education, and research. Christopher Kiely is an expert in the application of advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques for the study of nanoscale features in materials, and his election to the academy recognizes his continued contributions as a global leader in the area of catalyst material characterization.

Jeffrey Rickman

Jeffrey Rickman Elected Fellow of ASM International 

The leading association of materials engineers and scientists recognized Rickman for his “significant contributions in computational materials science of defects and phase transformations, pioneering work on materials informatics, and distinguished service to the materials science community.” Jeffrey Rickman is a member of the multidisciplinary Nano/Human Interface Presidential Engineering Research Initiative at Lehigh and his research interests include the development of computer simulation methodologies for de-scribing fluids and solids, determination of the elastic properties of defects, and the kinetics of phase transformations. 

Masashi Watanabe

Masashi Watanabe Elected Fellow of the Microanalysis Society (MAS)

Masashi Watanabe, a former MAS president, was honored for outstanding leadership in analytical electron microscopy and the zeta-factor technique for quantitative STEM-XEDS microanalysis. His work emphasizes materials characterization using various electron microscopy approaches involving analysis via X-rays and energy-loss electrons in analytical electron microscopes and atomic-resolution high angle annular dark-field imaging in scanning transmission electron microscopes.