David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium

Meet the competitors of the 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Robson Adem

Oscillometric Measurement of Arterial Pulse Pressure to Identify Cardiac Function Index for Monitoring Patients under Blood Pump Support

Challen Adu
Thermoelectric properties of chalcogenide perovskite

Bartlomiej Bancewicz & Tyler Christ
3-D Printing of Tungsten Heavy Alloys

James Bausano
Evaluating the Efficacy of a Group A Streptococcus Vaccine Candidate In Vitro

Annie Behre
Simultaneous and Independent Control of Biochemical and Physical Properties in 3D-printed Biomaterials

Jiaye Chen, He Huang, Yifan Huang & Robbin Xu
Applications of USVs in Littoral Environments

Zhihao Cheng, Madeline David & Casey Urban
River Meanders: Experimental And Observational Results of a Fundamental Instability
Protecting Power System Operations Against Cyber Attacks in the Presence of Renewables
Design, Development, and Validation of Prototype Sensor for Direct Measurement of Concrete Modulus of Elasticity

Alyssa Devin & Andrew Schmid
Characterization of the Lafayette College Hypersonic Expansion Tube

Interaction Effects of Ultrafine Particle Emissions of Multiple Fuse-Deposition Modeling Printers

Joaquin Font
Determining map-referenced safe speeds for Autonomous Driving in High-Risk Deer-Vehicle Collision Areas

Joanne Huang (WINNER)
Anti-bacterial and Anti-toxin Activities of Catechins

Garfield Jin & Daniel Min
Using Deep Learning to Predict Stock Price Drop

Emma Leeds, Angie Orellana & Simba (Yue) Wu (SECOND PLACE)
Development of Sustainable Techniques for the Production of Nutrient-Rich Compounds from Wastewater

Rebecca Lentz
GaN/AlInO Waveguides for Visible Light Communications

Developing Functionalized Bioresorbable Membranes Using Natural and Synthetic Polymer Blends

Kiana Nieves
Cost-Benefit of Passive Fire Protection in Steel Framed Buildings

A Biomimetic Microfluidic Platform for Anti-tumor Drug Evaluation

Shailagne Yutuc
Inhibition of Leukotoxin Activity Through Receptor-Based Peptides

Paola López Zelaya
Study of Porous Hydrogels, Specifically as it Related to Diffusion and Dissolution Kinetics