Statement of Values

We, the members of Lehigh's Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Department, are fully committed to promote diversity, ensure equity, and achieve inclusion in all of our activities. We fully endorse the mission statements and DEI plans of both Lehigh University and the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science (RCEAS), and aim to contribute to the development of a caring academic community, that is deeply committed to harmonious cultural diversity, in which all feel included, views are freely expressed, and all are treated equitably.

Statement of Goals

Our goals are set to be specifically aligned with the strategic goals set in the DEI plan of the RCEAS (

STRATEGIC GOAL #1: Recruit and hire diverse faculty, staff, and students

This goal will be pursued by promoting diversity in the hiring pools and hiring of new faculty and staff, as well as by promoting diversity in the admission pools and admission of students at the graduate level. As a result of pursuing this strategic DEI goal, we will aim to meet or exceed the national discipline-specific diversity faculty demographics.

STRATEGIC GOAL #2: Provide a welcoming, inclusive, and nurturing environment conducive to attracting and retaining a diverse group of individuals

This goal will be pursued by establishing a number of different activities, including the creation of appropriate channels for faculty, staff, students, and advisory members to express their views; making department information accessible to the entire department’s community; celebrating the department’s diversity; inviting DEI experts to talk to the department’s community; encouraging DEI training; and making sure that a diverse pool of academic and industry speakers visits the department.

STRATEGIC GOAL #3: Integrate the department DEI plan with the Lehigh University and RCEAS DEI plans and build on the strengths and activities of Lehigh University

The goals in this plan align with the strategic goals set forth in the DEI plans of Lehigh University and the RCEAS; thus, they contribute to the overall DEI objectives of the RCEAS and Lehigh University at large. Further we will be looking to actively participate in DEI activities organized by the RCEAS and Lehigh University.

STRATEGIC GOAL #4: Create processes to recognize and reward faculty, students, and staff for their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

This goal will be achieved by creating opportunities to recognize and reward (for example, through appropriate annual prizes) efforts by the department’s faculty, staff, and students to pursue DEI enhancing activities.

STRATEGIC GOAL #5: Continuous development of the DEI plan

This goal will be pursued by regularly seeking feedback on the ISE DEI plan in meetings at all levels in the department, and accordingly developing the ISE DEI plan based on this feedback, as well as on the results of the annual measures of success.

Evaluation Mechanisms

To measure the progress in achieving the goals stated in this DEI plan, we will use evaluation mechanisms including: an annual report by the department’s DEI committee on the outcomes of the DEI plan activities and goals; collection of feedback from faculty, staff, alumni, and students through discussion of the DEI plan at different meetings of the department, and the collection of student opinions through interviews.

ISE DEI Committee

The department’s DEI committee with be composed by three faculty members (one serving as committee Chair), one staff member, one student member, and one alumni member of the ISE Department.