Background and Objectives

Future Academic Career Experiential Training (FACET) is a program for students enrolled in the Ph.D. Program of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) at Lehigh University.  The major goals of the program are to:
  • Motivate students to pursue careers in academia by exposing them to the unique opportunities offered in a university environment and the excitement of becoming an academic leader
  • Aid students in obtaining careers in academia by:
    • Cultivating students’ commitment to performing cutting-edge research
    • Providing students opportunities to teach and mentor other students
    • Engaging students in outreach efforts in Lehigh ISE

FACET motivates doctoral students to pursue academic careers and provides them with experiences that can help them possess strong records for their applications for postdoctoral and faculty positions.  Students are stimulated to pursue challenging and rewarding academic career paths.

FACET Program is a launching point for students to participate in similar programs run by professional societies, such as IISE’s Future Faculty Fellows (F3) Program.


First-Year Research

All Lehigh ISE Ph.D. students are matched with a research advisor in their first year in the program.  Students are expected to meet regularly with their research advisors to discuss open questions, attempt to make preliminary progress on a project, and, most importantly, demonstrate their potential for performing research.  Lehigh ISE allocates funds to help support (a few selected) first-year students who participate in the FACET Program.  In particular, matching funds are allocated for stipend support for students’ first summer in the program.

Preparation for an Academic Career (PAC) Series

One of the consistent points of contact between faculty and students for FACET is the PAC series.  This consists of regular (e.g., every 3-4 weeks) meetings to discuss topics related to the preparation for an academic career.  Meeting topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications for postdoctoral and faculty positions, which require:
    • Research statements
    • Teaching statements
    • Diversity and inclusion statements
  • Balancing research, teaching, and service as a faculty member
  • Tenure process
  • Research funding and proposals

Each PAC meeting focuses on a single topic with a guest speaker (or speakers).  Guest speakers may be current ISE faculty members, external faculty members, or former Lehigh ISE Ph.D. Program graduates in academia (in coordination with the Lehigh ISE Alumni Academy).

Teaching Opportunities

Important aspects of FACET are teaching opportunities provided to FACET-participating students, covering a wide range of topics, different delivery modes, and various durations and semesters.

OutreachISE Engagement

The Lehigh ISE Outreach Program (OutreachISE) consists of a research initiative and an awareness initiative.  FACET-participating students benefit by being involved in either of these initiatives.  For example, FACET-participating students profit from the research initiative by aiding in mentoring undergraduate and master’s students on research projects, and they benefit from the awareness initiative by gaining experience in service activities of an academic department.


Participation and Resources

Student Participation

All students in the Lehigh ISE Ph.D. Program are invited to participate in FACET.  Participation in FACET requires a commitment to be willing to participate in all types of FACET activities.  A FACET-participating student is expected to attend and participate actively in all PAC meetings and be willing to be involved in teaching opportunities and OutreachISE activities that arise.

Faculty Participation

FACET is led by the Lehigh ISE Director of Graduate Studies, in collaboration with the Lehigh ISE Department and Outreach Program.  Lehigh ISE faculty members who advise Ph.D. students are expected to participate on a rotating basis in the FACET PAC series.