ISE Alumni Making an Impact in Future Generations

Lehigh Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) has a fantastic network of alumni. Our alumni are generous, willing to give back, extremely well trained, and highly qualified. Many have become true leaders and mentors in their industry sectors and ISE is most fortunate to have their support!

Lehigh ISE is pleased to announce the launch of the Lehigh ISE Alumni Academy. Professors Derya Pamuku and Emory W. Zimmers are co-directing this dynamic new program, which aims at drawing on the vast experience and knowledge of our talented ISE alumni to increase the engagement between ISE alumni and undergraduate and graduate student education.

We are excited to share the following opportunities for ISE alumni to participate and help future ISE graduates become successful students and future leaders:

1)      Alumni Lectures: ISE alumni can participate in currently offered courses through giving a lecture and sharing with students and faculty their practical experiences. These lectures are the genesis for further engagement and collaboration.

2)      UG Mentors: ISE alumni meet with students on a regular basis to advise them about internship opportunities, industry challenges, and the societal and ethical implications of their profession. Alumni may become industry mentors and provide shadow opportunities. All sophomore, junior, and senior students are thus given the opportunity to have an industry advisor.

A significant number of our alumni are highly knowledgeable in their fields and many have been engaging in professional training for decades. Many of our alumni are willing to engage in a college teaching opportunity either on campus or on online. Online teaching provides an opportunity for alumni to participate, regardless of their geographic location. Alumni who are interested in lecturing content that is not currently being offered as a course may have a chance to promote a new course in emerging topics.

For more information or to express interest in contributing or joining the ISE Academy, please contact our ISE Academy Coordinator: Sheila Dorney (