New opportunity for current and soon-to-be Lehigh alums will cover 12 of 30 credits for engineering master’s degree programs in the Rossin College

Building specialized skills. Transitioning to a new discipline. Setting higher career goals. 

They’re all good reasons to pursue a master’s degree in engineering. 

Lehigh University alumni can add another one to the list: a significant tuition discount.

The Rossin College is introducing a new scholarship for alumni who enroll in an engineering master’s degree program beginning during the 2022 Summer Session or later. 

Lehigh Alumni Master's Scholarships will offset up to 12 credits of the coursework required for the program.

“Lehigh alumni recognize the value of a Lehigh degree,” says Sabrina Jedlicka, the Rossin College’s associate dean for academic affairs. “We want to engage our alumni throughout their careers and support potential students from all backgrounds to continue their educational path.”

Jedlicka points out that the number of people who hold master’s degrees has doubled since 2000. 

“We are committed to ensuring access to the types of degree paths that will enable a student to deepen their strength in a field, shift to a different field, or pursue a specialized area of study to achieve their goals,” she says. “And with the exceptional strength of the Lehigh alumni network, we want to reward their loyalty through these scholarships.” 

More information on Lehigh Alumni Master's Scholarships and other forms of financial aid available to graduate students can be found via the Rossin College website.

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