Resolve Magazine: Volume 2, 2011

The Tiniest of Dimensions, the Greatest of Hopes

Welcome to the Fall 2011 issue of Resolve—a magazine dedicated to research and educational innovation in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University.

Few modern advances in science and technology have been as promising as the revolution in nanoscale engineering. The ability to locate, observe, manipulate and fabricate at the molecular and atomic levels has implications for cancer treatments, alternative fuels, solid-state lighting, environmental remediation, high-bandwidth communications and a host of other endeavors. Operating at the scale of one-billionth of a meter, nanotechnology requires advanced and specialized instruments. Lehigh has long had some of the world's best electron microscopy and spectroscopy facilities.

Combined with our current facilities, the new instruments are enhancing our ability to measure the physical properties and behavior of materials and to correlate their structure and chemistry – all at the level of the nanometer and the angstrom. They are also helping us study nanomaterials in more dynamic environments while charting their reactivity. In short, they give us capabilities that rival those of any nano research group anywhere.

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The tiniest of dimensions, the greatest of hopes

A nanoscale injection technique enables higher operating temperatures and a variety of potential applications.

Exploiting nanostructured surfaces

Researchers are using a variety of new nanofabrication techniques to introduce pillars, columns, rods and other nanostructures.

Renaissance thinking for the modern world

Students in the IDEAS program, explore the common ground between engineering and fields as varied as ethics and international relations.

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