Jeffrey Rickman

Wojiech Misiolek

Jeffrey Rickman, Materials Science and Engineering

Jeffrey Rickman, a professor of materials science and engineering and physics, has been named a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. Rickman is a distinguished computational materials theorist recognized for contributions “moving ceramic and glass science and technology forward.

Frank E. Curtis

Frank E. Curtis, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Industrial and systems engineering professor Frank E. Curtis, co-author of a highly regarded review paper on optimization methods for large-scale machine learning, was awarded the 2021 Lagrange Prize in Continuous Optimization. The honor is jointly given by the Mathematical Optimization Society and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics every three years.

Panos Diplas

Panayiotis “Panos” Diplas, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Panayiotis “Panos” Diplas, P.C. Rossin Professor of Water Resources Engineering, received the 2021 Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award from the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He was recognized for “fundamental contributions to the role of turbulence in sediment transport, ecohydraulics, stream restoration and scour.”