Lehigh BioengineeringAt Lehigh, we believe that the greatest potential for innovation occurs at the boundaries between strong disciplines. At the core of Lehigh’s Department of Bioengineering are pillars of recognized strengths in bioscience, systems, mechanics, materials and computer science, and our Department upholds a strong tradition of interdisciplinary thinking as our faculty and students work closely with peers from around the world to develop breakthrough innovations and technologies focused on alleviating problems related to human health.

Our research areas span key areas such as biocomputation and modeling, diagnostics, sensors and devices, and materials and therapies, and the outcomes of our faculty-led efforts are contributing to advances in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, the development of platforms for the early detection of disease and precision diagnostics, and the design of novel biological pharmaceuticals and nanomedicine, biosensors and medical devices.

Our curriculum combines the classic rigor of a Lehigh education with the modern tools of biotechnology, real-world, hands-on experiences and entrepreneurial thinking. Lehigh’s Bioengineering students develop the skills, tools and know-how needed to creatively tackle tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

We encourage you to browse our website, visit the Research Opportunities page, or contact us via email at inbioe@lehigh.edu to learn more about our dynamic research and educational programs. Thank you for your interest in Lehigh Bioengineering!