Bioengineering Seminar Series

Every semester our faculty invite a variety of academic and industry partners to campus to visit with students/faculty, provide a lecture on their research/area of specialization, and visit our beautiful Lehigh University campus. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about the field of bioengineering, see how bioengineering is applied in different specializations, and to network with those who they might not have been able to meet with before. 

Attendance is required for all graduate students. If unable to attend, please contact the graduate coordinator explaining the situation. 

Bioengineering Seminar Series: Spring 2024

Seminar Speaker Headshot Event Info

1/26/2024, Dr. Yong Mao, 

Rutgers University

Mao Flyer

Mao Article

3/1/2024, Dr. Gary Wnek,

Chair, Case Western Reserve University

Wnek Flyer

Wnek Article

3/22/2024, Sam Murphy-Kerry, 

Accenture Innovation Center, NY office

SMK Flyer

SMK Article

4/5/2024, Dr. Adrianne Rosales,

University of Texas at Austin

Rosales Flyer

Rosales Article

4/12/2024, Dr. Kyle Lampe, 

University of Virginia

Lampe Flyer

Lampe Article

5/3/2024, Dr. Li Shen, 

Penn Medical School

Flyer TBA

For questions or comments regarding our graduate seminar series, please contact the bioengineering graduate coordinator Rebekah Short (