Lehigh University's Department of Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Organization

Lehigh's Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is a student-run organization aimed at providing students within the Department of Bioengineering opportunities to learn and grow both as individuals and collectively. 

BMES has three main pillars upon which they design their events and engagement:

  • Professional development: Understand the possible application of a biomedical engineering degree and what that could look like after one’s time at Lehigh. Provide club members with the opportunity to gain new skills through continuing education and career training to positively impact career pursuits.
  • Volunteering: Gain practical experience with networking, communication skills, marketing, and the confidence to build stronger partnerships with the surrounding Bethlehem community and Lehigh University BMES. Allowing members to bond and get involved outside the organization can have positive benefits that leak back toward your club.
  • Social: The BMES club works to foster a sense of community among not only fellow bioengineering undergraduates, but professors, graduate students, and outside professionals as well. This makes for a supportive and connected environment where students collaborate to take action towards a shared co-designed future.

Recent events: 

Event About Picture(s)
Alumni Panel

In Fall 2023 BMES held an alumni panel event in which various Bioengineering alumni spoke about their post-grad experience and offered advice to current undergraduates.

There were a variety of alumni from a wide variety of fields, including research & development, prosthetic device design, engineering management and manufacturing. This event was extremely successful, as students had the chance to ask a wide variety of questions about internship and job hunting, as well as the bioengineering field in general.

Alumni offered helpful advice regarding what to prioritize as an undergraduate to determine what job field is best suited for them.

SJC/BMES Outreach Event
  • Took 10 members of BMES to the Boys and Girls Club of Bethlehem for volunteering
  • Worked on a fun scientific activity with the kids there: making slime
  • Went through step by step of making the slime with them, helping the kids to develop an intellectual curiosity for science and engineering
  • Collaborated with the Scientific Journal Club to make this volunteering possible
Electronics Workshop
  • Several BMES members received an orientation in basic electronic use including components such as breadboards, resistors, and capacitors. Members also learned how to model circuits on TinkerCad.
  • Learned fundamentals of circuit design, both in computational model and physical components

To learn more about upcoming events, and see pictures of past events, visit BMES's instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/lehighbmes/

Upcoming event calendar, Spring 2024:

BMES Leadership, 2023-2024

Leadership Position Name(s) Position Discription
Co-Presidents Kathleen Gifford (kag524@lehigh.edu) & Kamryn Li (kml224@lehigh.edu)
Keep in contact with BIOE grad students and alumni to organize networking events, outreach, and panels to prepare undergraduate students for industry/graduate/medical school
Treasurer Cole Shaub
Manage funds and budget of the club, organize fundraisers, request funds from Lehigh Student Senate, look for club collaborations
Marketing Allison Bechard
Advertise weekly meetings and encourage new members to join
New Student Outreach Chair
Jose-Gabriel Castro
Organizes outreach efforts and offers new member support as well as addressing any concerns and challenges they may have
Communications Representative
Ryan Beam
Promotion: Promote the club and its social events to attract new members. Utilize various marketing strategies such as social media, posters, and word of mouth to generate interest.
Collaboration: Work with other club executives and members to gather input on potential events and collaborate on planning. Foster a sense of teamwork within the club.