Rossin Junior Fellows are undergraduate students who serve as ambassadors for the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. These students help with recruiting efforts and peer mentoring. Here are some of our Rossin Junior Fellows from the Department of Bioengineering:

Student Headshot About Spotlight
Ryan Beam (2024) I am excited to be an RJF because I have been surrounded by great mentors throughout my college career, and I look forward to sharing everything that I have learned with incoming Lehigh students. Sharing my knowledge about Lehigh, especially the bioengineering department, is something that I really enjoy, so this is a very exciting opportunity for me. Ryan's Spotlight
Michael Ciliberti (2024) I am thrilled to have been selected as an RJF for the upcoming year. As an RJF I believe that I can provide beneficial insight for prospective and first year students looking to pursue a degree in engineering. By using the experiences I have gained at Lehigh, I know I can help students achieve the same opportunities, enjoyment, and success just as I have. Michael's Spotlight
Grace Duke (2023) Being an RJF has been incredibly rewarding for me. It's a role that not only allows me to connect with new students but also enables me to assist them in navigating the Lehigh Engineering community and making the most of the opportunities available here. Additionally, I enjoy sharing my own experiences with prospective students where I get to highlight the opportunities I've had that I believe are unique to Lehigh. Grace's Spotlight
Alexis Kelerchian (2024) I became a RJF this spring, and I am excited to represent the College of Engineering for both the current Lehigh community and prospective engineering students and their families. I look forward to the mentorship component of the program: I hope to act as a liaison between first-year students and engineering faculty, staff, and administrators and connect them with campus resources aimed at developing their academic, professional, and personal growth as Lehigh Engineers! Alexis's Spotlight
Kamryn Li (2022) I love being an RJF because I get to explain to hundreds of prospective students about the amazing opportunities Lehigh Engineering has to offer. I enjoy giving tours of my favorite engineering buildings and sharing experiences I have had throughout my undergraduate career. Being an RJF is a special position to have as I have been able to watch the prospective students become BIOEs and continue to offer them any advice about how to gain experience and internship opportunities. Kamryn's Spotlight
Bingxin Liu (2024) I am so honored to be selected as a RJF! I was given great suggestions and guidances as a lowerclassman. Being a RJF gives me the opportunity to provide assistance and navigation to prospective students and to introduce various great opportunities provided by Lehigh Engineering. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience for prospective students to help them develop their future path at Lehigh! TBD
Lily Makkas (2024) I have enjoyed being an RJF because it allows me to give back to a school that has given me so much. I have enjoyed my time at Lehigh greatly for both its opportunities in the engineering school and out. I love that I have been able to be an engaged student and curious learner while also enjoying my time outside of the classroom, with so many enriching opportunities for student life. I want all prospective and underclassmen students to be able to share this love for Lehigh and find a new home.


Aditi Sathe (2023)

Selected as RJF president, 2024-2025

I love being an RJF because it grants me the opportunity to be a resource for those who want to succeed in engineering. I also enjoy serving as an ambassador for my major at various admissions events and outreach programs.

Sonya Savini (2024) I'm super excited to have the opportunity to mentor and assist new and incoming bioengineers through Lehigh's Bioengineering program. I also want to be able to inspire younger students to take part in engineering and inform them about Lehigh's program and the field. I'm excited to have the opportunity to meet new bioengineering students and provide them with the knowledge and advice I've acquired thus far during my time in the program. TBD
Dani Schmoyer (2023)  I enjoy being an RJF because it allows me to improve the engineering program for current and future students. As an RJF, I am able to advocate for my peers. I'm also passionate about mentoring younger students who may need advice or guidance.  TBD