Lehigh University's Department of Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Organization

Lehigh’s Enabling the Future organization (LU e-NABLE)

Students in Lehigh’s Enabling the Future organization (LU e-NABLE) are collaborating with Ayúdame3D, a Spanish NGO which designs, manufactures and provides low cost, body-powered prosthetic arms, free of charge, to those in need around the globe.  LU e-NABLE members, advised by Profs Susan Perry and Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez, are working to expand options for Ayúdame3D and its 3D printing network, by developing an externally-powered, upper limb prosthesis which they hope will provide improved functionality at a much lower cost than is currently possible.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Susan Perry (sup3@lehigh.edu) and Dr. Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez (tog221@lehigh.edu).