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Lehigh’s Master of Science program in Bioengineering will provide you the skillsets to pursue promising careers in challenging industry sectors where you can make an impact! Students in the 30-credit degree program can focus their studies in one of three concentrations:

  1. Biomaterials, for students interested in biological and biomimetic materials, as well as their characteristics and applications in tissue engineering & regenerative medicine, nanomedicine and drug delivery;
  2. Bioengineering Product Development, for students interested in the design, development, regulation, and/or commercialization of medical products, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices; or
  3. Biocomputations and Biomedical Analytics, for students interested in the rapidly growing field of computational data sciences, as applied to biotechnology, biological systems, and biopharmaceutical development.

Alternately, students also may pursue a more generalized Master of Science in Bioengineering, with individualized curricular guidance. Based on your future career goals, interests, and time commitment, you can pursue a 12-month, coursework-only or research project option, or a longer research thesis-requiring degree.

Whatever your goals, we will help you build a personalized curriculum that is right for you!

Masters Program Sample Timeline

Semester Description
FALL During this semester, core course work will help you establish advanced foundational knowledge in bioengineering. You will also explore career options and set professional development goals. Students intending to engage in thesis research will begin detailed exploration of research opportunities, while those interested in real-world, experiential learning may begin exploring opportunities for one or two semester-long projects with faculty or industry partners.
SPRING This semester is all about customizing your degree with electives that will guide you in the direction of your career goals. Students may also explore research and/or project opportunities.
SUMMER Your master’s degree culminates this semester with coursework and project work that caps off a custom-tailored, advanced degree. Your advisor, your mentoring network, and Lehigh’s professional development resources will support you as you pursue the next chapter in your professional growth and career.



Gain a competitive edge in biomedical industry sectors engaged in advancing human health

  • Robust Technical Curriculum
  • Professional Development & Networking Opportunities
  • Real-World Experiences
  • Enhanced Career Preparedness


Build a program that works for you

  • Full- or Part-Time Study
  • In-person and Hybrid Learning
  • Thesis/Project/Coursework Options
  • Flexible curriculum & Individualized Advising


Learn and work at the intersection of disciplines

  • Cross-disciplinary Career Skills
  • Certificate programs in Technical Entrepreneurship, Data Science and more
  • Immersive & Collaborative Projects/Research


Chart your future with Lehigh’s many assets

  • World Class Faculty
  • State of the Art Facilities & Collaborative Resources
  • Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation
  • 85,000-strong Lehigh Alumni Network


Invest in your future & achieve your goals

  • In-Depth Technical Knowledge
  • Expanded Career Options
  • Increased Leadership, Management & Earning Power Opportunities
  • High Return on Investment

Caroline Ferguson"Aspiring to be a physician I often get the question “Why are you earning a master’s degree?” The reason is due to the flexibility of the M.S. Bioengineering program. The faculty have worked with me on creating a clinically relevant curriculum within the field of bioengineering. The program has also provided me with the opportunity to conduct tissue engineering research in an academic lab. The ability of the program to cater to my own professional goals has provided me with the platform to grow as a student and professional."

-Peter Jensen, Bioengineering M.S. student

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