Top: Seshadri Lab members; bottom: Beyond Pulse technology shown on tablet

Dhruv Seshadri, an assistant professor of bioengineering, and his lab are partnering with wearable technology company Beyond Pulse to advance the technology for health and performance monitoring, particularly in athletics, according to a press release.

The initiative, driven by an interdisciplinary team, focuses on validating wearable technology for data collection in collaboration with Lehigh University Athletics. This partnership aims to improve predictive models for optimizing health and performance outcomes.

The first project involves integrating Beyond Pulse's wearable technology into the Lehigh University Women’s Soccer program. Tracking biometric data during training and games will enable tailored training programs and workload management.

Read the full press release on the Beyond Pulse website.

Dhruv Seshadri

Dhruv Seshadri, assistant professor, bioengineering
Inset photo: Top: members of the Seshadri Lab at Lehigh University; bottom: Lehigh researcher looking at Beyond Pulse data.