Optimizing power networks for tomorrow's smart cities

The modern city, says Jie Liu, can be considered a web of networks that should run like a healthy, well-tuned circulatory system.

Automobile traffic in this "smart city" should move almost constantly, stopping or slowing as little as possible at traffic lights, on freeway ramps and in traffic circles, says Liu, a Ph.D. candidate in industrial engineering.

Likewise, electricity should flow through power lines at an optimal rate, high enough to achieve maximum efficiency but not so high that wires overheat.

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised”

A quote by motivational speaker and writer Denis Waitley sums up the mindset prospective student-athletes should have when picking a school.

"Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised."

Rising senior Jessica Sacco of the Lehigh women's soccer team did plan for the worst and despite significant misfortune, is still making her mark on the Lehigh University community.

Lehigh Soterra team in finals for $1 million Jain Women's Safety Prize

Members of a team of Lehigh undergraduate students in April found themselves on a train in India, barrelling through the countryside as they tested a device they’d begun developing just a year ago. As one of five finalists in the $1 million Anu and Naveen Jain Women’s Safety Prize competition, they were demonstrating that their device can help keep women safe—even on a moving train. The team will learn the results of the final round at an event at the United Nations on June 6.

Lehigh Expo showcases students' creativity

Scores of Lehigh students were able to showcase their creativity and celebrate semesters-long work as the Lehigh Expo unfolded May 3 in the newly renovated Building C on the Mountaintop campus.

About 600 students from across disciplines, presenting individually and in teams, demonstrated their projects and designs to fellow students, faculty, staff and administrators, as well as those from the surrounding Lehigh community.

Future tech leaders...start your engines!

Lehigh University, TE Connectivity, and Broughal Middle School team up for annual thrill ride in STEM education
On Friday, May 4, Lehigh University, along with global industrial technology leader TE Connectivity and Broughal Community Middle School, is holding the 19th annual "TE Connectivity Expo," highlighting the importance of manufacturing technology to Pennsylvania’s regional economy while opening doors for kids and families of South Bethlehem.