The skyline’s the limit

With the tools he gained at Lehigh, Structural Engineering professional master’s grad Andrew Moss ’11 ’12 M.Eng. seized an early-career opportunity to take on a towering Manhattan project

Superman needed special powers in order to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Charting an optimal path

Healthcare Systems Engineering professional master’s alum Michael Kimball ’13 M.Eng. helps hospitals model data to increase efficiency and provide better care

When St. Luke’s University Health Network wanted to review the productivity of their emergency departments, they turned to Michael Kimball

Engineering a world record

world record illustration

Civil engineering alum John Knecht’s 5-year-old son Jack loves Hot Wheels. When he asked his dad how long of a track they could make to run the cars, Knecht ’08 checked the Guinness Record, which had been set at 1,838 feet. The two decided to try to beat it. 

Karen LaRochelle '88 takes SVP role at WindMIL Therapeutics

Industrial engineering alum Karen LaRochelle '88 has been appointed senior vice president of corporate and business development for WindMIL Therapeutics, a clinical-stage company, based in Baltimore and Philadelphia, that is developing marrow-infiltrating lymphocytes (MILs™) for cancer immunotherapy.