Going solar

Lehigh’s Energy Systems Engineering master’s program helped environmental engineer Sarah Conde ’15 M.Eng. flip the switch on new career with commercial solar developer

When the zombie apocalypse hits the Los Angeles area in the Netflix series “Daybreak,” a teenager observes that a local shopping mall keeps running because it’s solar powered. 

ISE announces 2020 recipient of Distinguished Alumni Award for Excellence in Industry

The Industrial and Systems Engineering Department keeps a strong connection with their alumni and they have been contributing tremendously to our success, in the most various ways, through their own accomplishments and contacts, through their knowledge of the industry needs and trends, and also through their unconditional advice and generous support.

Tapping into a powerful network

A professional master’s in Energy Systems Engineering gave David Reino ’16 ’17 M.Eng. the technical knowledge, leadership skills, and industry connections to land a job at a major utility—months before graduation

There are things that people count on: The sun sets in the west, spring follows winter, and when you flip a switch, the lights go on. 

An unexpected engineer

Studying Healthcare Systems Engineering as a grad student propelled pharma consultant Zara Ali Ahmad ’16 ’18 M.Eng. into a fast-paced profession she’d never considered

Zara Ali Ahmad always thought she’d become a physician’s assistant. But as she entered her senior year majoring in behavioral neuroscience at Lehigh University, she was still keeping her options open.  

Learning by taking the leap

International student Hansen Liang ’19 M.Eng. changed his trajectory—aligning his career path with his passions—through Lehigh’s Technical Entrepreneurship professional master’s program

One of the most important features of Lehigh University’s professional master’s program in Technical Entrepreneurship, according to alum Hansen Liang?

“It’s a safe place to fail.”

The rules of the 'game'

David Bougard ’14 ’19 M.Eng. took his business instincts to the next level with a professional master’s degree in Technical Entrepreneurship

David Bougard always excelled at “the pitch.”

A hands-on head start

A 10-month investment in Lehigh’s Structural Engineering professional master’s program gave Lisa Vienckowski ’12 M.Eng. the skills and confidence to think big   

She knew almost immediately that the extra 10 months had been worth it. Lisa Vienckowski had just started her first job after graduating from Lehigh University’s professional master’s program in Structural Engineering.

Off to a running start

Lehigh’s professional master’s program in Technical Entrepreneurship helped student-athlete Hannah Leskow ’18 ’19 M.Eng. turn a personal hurdle into a business venture in less than a year

During her junior and senior years at Lehigh University, Hannah Leskow suffered injuries that would ultimately force her to sit out her final season as a Division 1 cross-country and track runner.

Scaling up

Vincent Antes ’08 ’09 M.Eng. turned his childhood interest into career reality with a professional master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the Rossin College

There were a lot of trips to the Home Depot when Vincent Antes was a kid. His father was always doing stuff around the house—building, renovating, repairing—and Antes was always right there with him, helping him out. 

“I got the bug,” says Antes. “I thought it was fun.”