Simpler, high-accuracy method detects rare circulating tumor cells

Metastasis―the development of tumor growth at a secondary site―is responsible for the majority of cancer-related deaths. It occurs when the primary tumor site sheds cancerous cells which are then circulated through the body via blood vessels or lymph nodes. These become seeds for eventual tumor growth at a secondary location in the body.

Engineering Academy of Japan elects Dan Frangopol as foreign associate

Dan M. Frangopol, the inaugural Fazlur R. Khan Endowed Chair of Structural Engineering and Architecture at Lehigh University, has been elected to the Engineering Academy of Japan (EAJ) as a foreign associate.

EAJ comprises “leading experts from academia, industry, and government institutions who possess a wide range of knowledge and have made outstanding contributions in engineering and technological sciences, and closely related fields,” according to the academy’s website

Rossin College announces faculty promotions

The P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science is pleased to announce the college’s newly tenured and/or promoted faculty members, as well as new appointees to named chairs and professorships, as voted by the Lehigh University Board of Trustees in May 2020.

New appointees to named chairs and professorships

Lesley Chow, Frank Hook Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering and Department of Materials Science and Engineering

A breakthrough in developing multi-watt terahertz lasers

Terahertz lasers could soon have their moment. Emitting radiation that sits somewhere between microwaves and infrared light along the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz lasers have been the focus of intense study because of their ability to penetrate common packaging materials (such as plastics, fabrics, and cardboard) and to be used for identification and detection of various chemicals and biomolecular species—and even for imaging of some types of biological tissue without causing damage.