Lehigh launches Distinguished Water Lecture

“The global, humanity-wide importance of access to clean water is self-evident,” says clean-water champion and renowned researcher, educator, author, and inventor Arup SenGupta, “and it is not up to water scientists alone to address the issue. The world needs all of us—engineers of every stripe, businesspeople, educators, journalists, artists, and designers, among others—to learn about the challenges and engage in the search for sustainable global solutions.”

A rare fellow: Eric Krueger, Lehigh's first NIH National Research Service Award recipient

When Eric Krueger applied for an individual postdoctoral fellowship from the National Institutes of Health in 2017, the success rate was about 28 percent. And when he got the award—which ends on September 15—he became Lehigh University’s first NIH National Research Service Award Fellow.

“It’s really been fantastic,” says Krueger, a postdoctoral fellow in chemical and biomolecular engineering. “It has allowed me to customize what I want to do, and what I want to learn.”

Girls explore STEM fields at CHOICES summer camp

Their water tower collapsed pretty much right away and it took a few tries to get their Rube Goldberg project to accomplish its task, but none of that mattered to Team Pink. 

The five CHOICES campers were having a blast.

“All the girls here are so fun,” said Karishma Beraj, 14, one of the members of Team Pink. “We learned to work together as a team from day one, and we didn’t even need time to get used to each other. It was like we already knew each other.”