ISE welcomes R. Tyrrell Rockafellar for the 2019 Spencer C. Schantz Technical Talk

Ralph Tyrrell (Terry) Rockafellar, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics from the University of Washington, Seattle, will present the Spencer C. Schantz Lecture (Technical Talk), taking place in Mohler Laboratory Room 453 on April 24, 2019. Rockafellar’s lecture is titled “Risk and Reliability in Optimization Under Uncertainty” and will explore the role for so-called "measures of risk," which started to be developed for purposes like assessing the solvency of banks but now are being utilized much more widely.

Voronoi tessellations seen in 'child's play'

What do honeycombs, the cells in dragonfly wings, and the brown spots on a giraffe's fur have in common? 

They are all examples of naturally occurring, puzzle-like patterns that may be modeled through a mathematical technique known as a Voronoi tessellation—a model that gave rise to the recent discovery of the scutoid, a new shape identified by a team of researchers, including Lehigh's Dr. Javier Buceta, studying epithelial cells. 

Call for nominations: 2019 Rossin College Awards

2018 Rossin College Awards
Now is the time to nominate a deserving faculty or staff member for a Rossin College Award. 
The Rossin College Awards Ceremony and Reception will be held Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 3:30 p.m in Building C, Bay C2.

MechE alum Kenneth French '75 and wife, Vickie, gift $5 million for new endowed scholarship

Kenneth French ’75 was a talented high school student from the suburbs of Buffalo, New York, looking for a great engineering school. Offered competitive financial aid packages from several universities, he knew he needed to maximize his scholarship potential to be able to attend a top-tier institution. Lehigh gave him the opportunity he needed, and he said the experience impacted his life tremendously.

Getting a better read on tornado wind speeds

Any weather enthusiast knows that the higher the “EF” rating, the more powerful the tornado.

But what the average Weather Channel watcher might find surprising is that the science behind the number has as much to do with the efforts of engineers as it does the work of meteorologists.

The Rossin College: Engineering Re-imagined

The P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science has launched a new Web site, raising the visibility of its highly rated academic programs and cutting-edge research.