Beth Galetti '93: Thinking Big

In her senior leadership role, Beth Galetti '93 manages the recruitment, growth and development of Amazon's 560,000-plus global workforce—one of the largest and fastest-growing workforces in the tech industry. She is currently the only woman on founder Jeff Bezos' so-called S-team, a group of 19 senior executives, and has input into the company's most important decisions.

Marion and George Keller ’44 leave $6.6 million Lehigh legacy

The $6.6 million gift that Marion and George F. Keller ’44 quietly donated to Lehigh in 2017 speaks volumes about the salt-of-the-earth people they were. George, who earned his B.S. in mechanical engineering, loved walking his dog, camping, tinkering with cars and helping his neighbors. Marion was comfortable in a tent, on a sailboat, or at an elegant party and had a passion for wildlife. George and Marion’s marriage was a close bond that lasted 34 years before George’s passing in 1992. Marion passed in 2017.

Lehigh alum Dr. Misti Ushio '99G makes list of Top 100 Most Creative People in Business

When it comes to bringing a new drug to market, most people see only the end result: A bit of advertising and perhaps a prescription for their ailment. But it really does take a village: Countless numbers of mice, rats, rabbits, pigs, dogs and primates are killed in preclinical laboratory trials to assess the safety of all new drugs.

Dr. Misti Ushio ‘99G, founding CEO of TARA Biosystems, is poised to disrupt the drug development cycle.

CEE Alumnus returns to Lehigh as Adjunct Professor

Dr. Stephen J. Ressler, ‘89G, ‘91 Ph.D., gives back to his alma mater in a unique and impactful way

Whenever Dr. Stephen J. Ressler starts a new class, he does two things.

"I make it a point to learn 100 percent of my students’ first names by the second lesson,” he says. "It's a very effective way of saying, ‘I care about you as an individual.'"