Growing computers in petri dishes

NSF supports Lehigh interdisciplinary research effort to engineer a living neural network

Will the computers of tomorrow be manufactured, or will they be cultivated?

This question lies at the heart of new research from Lehigh University that aims to engineer a neural network—a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system—from actual living cells, and program it to compute a basic learning task.

What's your data privacy style?

New research studies how people navigate a world in which data-collection is ubiquitous

Internet search engines are a treasure trove of user data. Researchers have estimated that more than 4 million search queries are entered into Google every minute.

The use of computer algorithms that can make inferences from user data about a person’s gender, age, political opinions, religious affiliations and other traits is widespread, which has raised serious privacy concerns.

A material without limits

Cheaper production of an unsung industrial substance could make hard stuff a lot easier

Boron nitride has a tough reputation.

TRIPODS+X meets Machine Learning+X

Lehigh University to host collaborative, interdisciplinary workshops in computationally-intensive academic research

Lehigh University has racked up another win with the innovative TRIPODS+X program of the National Science Foundation (NSF.)

John Wilson retires from Lehigh CEE

The structural engineering professor remembers his 36 years of teaching, research, and service on South Mountain.

"Am I a traditional structural engineer? Not quite. Am I proud of that? Yes," says John Wilson, professor emeritus of structural engineering.