Rossin Connection Podcast: Lesley Chow, BioE & MSE Faculty

Osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones wears down over time. It’s the most common form of arthritis, and it affects more than 31 million Americans. Lesley Chow recently received a CAREER award for her work on a technique that may someday help cartilage regrow, and help people avoid debilitating pain.

2017 TE Venture Fair at Lehigh University

Lehigh’s one-year, 30-credit professional master’s program in Technical Entrepreneurship helps student entrepreneurs create, refine, and commercialize intellectual property through the licensing or launching of a new business. Students in the program learn by experiencing the idea-to-venture process in an educational environment that’s hard-wired to support the development of novel, innovative, and commercially viable technologies.