Where the rubber meets the road

Team led by ChBE's Anand Jagota collaborating with Michelin Corporation and NSF to develop materials that could improve the safety and reliability of tires.

A scaffold to speed healing


Replacing and repairing human tissue is becoming feasible largely due to advances in the use of stem cells. Yet scientists have yet to develop a complete picture of how these cells interact with their environments.

Lehigh's Legacy of Materials Processing

Lehigh rededicated one of its research institutes recently, strengthening its longstanding ties to a family that helped win World War II, transform the aerospace industry and shape much of modern manufacturing.

A Laser-Sharp Focus

Lasers have become indispensable to modern life since they were invented more than fifty years ago.

A new way to produce quantum dots

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconducting nanocrystals prized for their optical and electronic properties. The brilliant, pure colors produced by QDs when stimulated with ultraviolet light are ideal for use in flat screen displays, medical imaging devices, solar panels and LEDs.

Introducing the Loewy Institute

The Loewy Institute at Lehigh University was celebrated in a dedication ceremony in Whitaker Lab on Friday, April 29, 2016.

Helping Machines Forget

Machine learning systems are everywhere. They predict the weather, forecast earthquakes, provide recommendations based on the books and movies we like, and even apply the brakes on our cars when we’re not paying attention.