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Graduate school is key for aspiring professionals who seek a competitive advantage amidst the modern world's steady flow of new, often complex, opportunities and technologies.

Yet the prospect of returning to school for advanced training can seem daunting to recent engineering students and young professionals who are primarily interested in applying their skills and knowledge in the practice of their field.

Lehigh offers graduate programs that help students focus such aspirations into practical expertise in key industry sectors such as sustainable infrastructure, energy systems and manufacturing, and healthcare operations. Real world, industry-led projects provide students a chance to explore topics that align with their career interests. Along the way, they also develop crucial skills in the business and management aspects of technology-driven pursuits -- and the acumen needed to develop new ideas into powerful solutions.

Lehigh's Professional Master's programs are designed for recent graduates and working professionals with backgrounds in engineering and related disciplines. Each program attracts a diverse student body with varied interests, expertise, and perspectives. The common thread among these students is a commitment to further refine skills, accelerate leadership growth, and create for themselves a different career trajectory.

Across these programs, strong industry partnerships allow students to immerse themselves in the modern operations and emerging technologies of their chosen fields through coursework, field study, and projects. Each program engages a broad network of executives and research leaders, and carefully incorporates their input into curricular design, student research activities, and direct student mentorship. This close industry interaction is a hallmark of Lehigh’s heritage in addressing industry’s most pressing engineering needs, and provides a strong platform for the development of technical, business, and interpersonal skills.

Professionally Focused Curriculum

Working shoulder to shoulder with industry professionals, collaborating in multidisciplinary teams to solve real-world problems, and presenting findings and recommendations to company executives -- these are just a few of the ways in which Lehigh’s industry-focused curricula prepare students to achieve a higher level of success.

Students of these Professional Master's programs become truly embedded in their sector of choice, and learn its language and culture while gaining insights that enable higher-order decision making. In short, they acquire perspectives normally associated with years of hard-won, on-the-job experience. Consequently, graduates of these programs are highly recruited by leading companies and organizations across disciplines.

Professional Master's Programs

Lehigh's cutting-edge Professional Master's programs focus on specific industry needs, preparing students for leadership roles in:

  • Business Administration and Engineering (MBA & E)
  • Financial Engineering (M.S.)
  • Healthcare Systems Engineering (M.Eng.)




Different goals, different paths

For students seeking a competitive career edge and accelerated advancement into leadership roles, Lehigh's Professional Master's programs provide technical, business, and management insight.

Students seeking career advancement through academic, government, or corporate research may also want to review the Research-based Graduate Studies section of this site.

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